Newly published 2 volume work on the Psalms I highly recommend

Newly published 2 volume work on the Psalms I highly recommend; very nice hard-back 2 set;

– Mack Tomlinson

New from Particular Baptist Press

by Samuel Eyles Pierce

This two-volume set on the Psalms by Samuel Eyles Pierce (1746-1829) was formerly one of the scarcest of the full-length Scripture expositions to be found by this early nineteenth-century Baptist minister and author.

When we set out to publish this work, not a single library in the U.S. or Canada listed it among their collections! And in Great Britain, only two libraries were shown to have the volumes. Over a century ago, C. H. Spurgeon in his well-known book Commenting and Commentaries (1885), stated that even in his day this set was “very scarce,” while commending Pierce as one who “writes to comfort and edification” on the Psalms. We are therefore honored to make this work available once more to the present generation of Christians.

What makes Pierce‚Äôs exposition unique among others on the Psalms is that he views the whole book (not just the “Messianic” Psalms), as prophetic of Christ and His Church and expounds each chapter in accordance with this central theme. The result is a spiritually rich, Christ-centered treatise on this favorite Old Testament book.
Pierce was a Christian very much in the mold of John Bunyan, and readers are sure to profit from a careful study of these books.

The sixth exposition in our Newport Commentary Series. Bound in grade B black cloth vellum hardcover with acid-free paper. Smyth-sewn.
Volume One, 669 pages with portrait of Pierce and manuscript note by Pierce. $32.50 plus shipping.
Volume Two, 704 pages with portrait of Pierce and map of “Scenes in the Life of Samuel Eyles Pierce.” $32.50 plus shipping.
$65 for the set.

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