A Little History for You

“The memory of the just is blessed.” – Prov. 10:7

Max Jukes, the 18th century atheist, lived a godless life. He married an ungodly girl, and from this union there were 310 who died as paupers, 150 were criminals, 7 murderers, 100 drunkards, and more than half of the women were prostitutes. His 540 descendants cost the state over 1 million dollars.

Then there is the record of another American couple, Jonathan and Sarah Edwards, who lived at the same time as Mr. Jukes. An investigation was made of 1,394 known descendants of the Edwards. 13 became college presidents, 65 college professors, 3 United States senators, 30 judges, 100 lawyers, 60 doctors, 75 army and navy officers, 100 preachers and missionaries, 60 prominent authors, 1 U. S. vice-president, 80 public officials in other capacities, and 295 college graduates, among whom were state governors and ministers to foreign countries. The descendants of the Edwards did not cost the state a single penny.

Indeed, the memory of the just is blessed.

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