The Heart of a Seventeen Year Old New Christian

Spurgeon’s thoughts and view of things at seventeen:

“Yes, where Jesus comes, He comes to reign. How I wish He would reign more in my heart–then I might hope that every atom of SELF, self-confidence, and self-righteousness would be swept out of my soul. I surely long for the time when all evil affections, corrupt desires, and rebellious doubting thoughts shall be overcome, and completely crushed beneath the Prince’s feet, and my whole soul be made perfectly pure and holy. But so long as I am caged within this house of clay, I know that my corruptions will lurk about, and I must have hard fighting–though the victory by grace is sure. Praying is the best fighting; nothing else will keep them down! I would go forth by prayer, like the Israelites, to gather up this heavenly manna, and live upon free-grace!”

– Charles Spurgeon

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