When I’m Down in the Dumps

There is really only one direction to look when you are cast down and really in the dumps, whether it is discouragement or deeper depression.

1. Don’t Look Within

This is often the biggest mistake and what causes one to sink down in the beginning; you surely don’t want to look within, but we often do, to our own detriment, thus delaying coming out of the pit of discouragement.

2. Don’t Look Outward

By this, I mean that do not focus on what is happening around you; you do not want to look outward, focusing on the circumstances, pressures, and outward situation you find yourself in. That will in no way help you, but will only drag you down deeper.

Instead, there is a clear path to take–a choice to make– once you realize you are down or are sinking down in the valley, with the clouds of despondency gathering around you like a fog, and you are neutralized and unable to even know what to do.

3. Look Upward

The only way to look is up, that is to God the Father, to Christ the Saviour, to heaven, from whence comes our help always, in every situation, regardless of the circumstances or how deeply one is cast down.

Here are some things that can always help in this regard.

1. Pour Out

Get alone, away from everyone; then pour out your feelings honestly to your dear friend and only Helper, Jesus your compassionate Saviour. Tell Him all you feel–tell Him exactly how you feel, no matter how painful it is to be that honest. Pour it out, ugliness and all, feelings and all, struggles and all; hold nothing back–pour it all out to the only one who can ultimately help you out of it. Tell the Saviour–come to Him and bring with you all your words.

2. Pour Over

Get alone away from everyone for at least 2 hours, then open the Bible and ask God to give you exactly what you need to help you; then begin to pour over the Word of God for several hours, reading it slowly, praying back to the Lord anything that speaks to you; stay there and keep doing it until light arises in your mind and comfort begins to come to your heart. David, in Ps. 119, said that the Scriptures were his counselors. Do we need other people at times to counsel us? Yes, but we first need the Bible as our counselor. It addresses anything we can be going through. Pour over it, praying it, taking it in, renewing your mind to it, until help begins to come.

3. Look Deliberately

Look deliberately and consciously to Christ alone, away from yourself, away from your circumstances, and focus on Him; He has the answers, the wisdom, the counsel, the help, the relief, the directions, the encouragement that He alone can provide.

If we learn to make Him our refuge, we will find help more regularly and much quicker. If we don’t, we won’t.

– Mack T.


  1. Thanks for this great advice Mack. Earlier this evening I listened to your sermon “Avoiding Sins Sudden Traps” – I have heard it several times. Very helpful! All glory to God alone.

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