The Word and the Spirit

The Word and the Spirit are so intimately conjoined that we are scarcely warranted in thinking of the one, without the other. The Word does not operate without the Spirit’s agency–and the Spirit does not work apart from the Word.

It was by the Spirit’s inspiration that the Word was first given, for “holy men of God spoke, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21).

It is by the Spirit that we are enlightened (Eph 1:17, 18), yet the Word is the means He employs.

It is by the Spirit that we are sanctified (Rom 15:16), yet not apart from the Truth (John 17:17).

It is by the Spirit that we are strengthened (Eph 3:16) as He causes the Word to dwell in us richly (Col 3:16).

It is by the Spirit that we are comforted (Acts 9:31) as He applies the Divine promises to our hearts.

How appropriate then, that the grand instrument employed by the Spirit of grace, should be termed “the Word of His grace.”

The “Word of His grace” proclaims . . .

rest for the weary,
pardon to the guilty,
justification to the ungodly,
adoption to the outcast,
eternal heavenly treasures for spiritual paupers!

It is “the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind” who are to be called to the feast which free grace has spread! (Luke 14:13)

“The Word of His grace” not only instructs us where grace is to be found, and how further supplies of it are to be obtained–but it is the principal medium through which grace is actually imparted to the soul. It is a life-giving stream for parched pilgrims as they journey through this “wilderness of sin.”

As its sacred pages are reverently perused–
the mind is instructed,
the conscience is enlightened,
the affections are warmed,
and the will is moved.

As its exceeding great and precious promises are meditated upon and treasured up in the heart–new strength is imparted to the soul.

As its holy precepts are turned into earnest prayer–help is obtained for the discharge of duty.

As its timely warnings and admonitions are heeded–temptations lose their power and the snares of Satan are avoided.

As its cheering revelation of what God has prepared for those who love Him is received by faith–new hope is kindled in the heart, and the trials of life are borne with greater fortitude. And as the end of the journey is neared–death loses its terrors and the call to leave this “valley of tears” becomes more desirable.

Without “the Word of His grace”, we would be mariners upon the sea of life, without chart or compass!

– A. W. Pink

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