Five Lies Sinners Love

Man likes to live with five dominant lies which are very comfortable to the sinner.

First, life is random–no purpose and no creator, thus no accountability. No one made us, and that is why we are free in this random world to do what we want.

Second, truth is relative–no absolutes, no standards, so we are all free to possess our own truth and demand the freedom to live our lives according to our own truth, which is of our own invention.

Third, people are basically good–if they go bad, someone else is to blame; someone abused them and they now lack self-esteem. They have psychological problems based on environmental failures. But still people are basically good: “I’m a good person.”

Fourth, everyone can change their own life–get control, take charge, envision your own destiny, become the person you want to be. You have the power to become whatever you want to be, you can be everything you want to be.

Fifth–the goal of life is self-satisfaction.

It’s this blatant kind of brash self-delusion–life is random, truth is relative, people are basically good, everybody can change his own life if he chooses to, and the goal of life is self-satisfaction.

Truth and reality is opposite that.

Life is not random–God is sovereign, so nothing is random.

Truth is not relative–the Bible is absolute truth and all truth is absolutely absolute.

All people are not basically good–all people are basically and truly sinful.

No one can change their own life–only Christ can change a person’s life.

The goal of life is not self-satisfaction–the goal of life is selfless submission to Jesus Christ.

– John MacArthur

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