Young Christians Warned

Be very careful about too frequent interaction with this temporal and wicked world. I write with a heart full of love–but I MUST caution you. There is nothing more dangerous to young Christians than indiscriminate interaction with the ungodly. In such company and friendships, it is far more likely that we would receive evil than impart good. Prudence and prayer are then especially needful, for we may more easily conform to the world than influence the world to conform to us. Happy are those who have the least to do with it, except in the way of absolute duty and necessity.

May no worldly trifles ever wean your affections from the unspeakably important subjects of eternity. Idols are bewitching, dangerous things and steal away the heart from God. The most lawful things may become idols, by fixing an unlawful degree of affection upon them. The world, even in its apparently harmless form, is a terrible snare to the young and untaught mind.

– Legh Richmond

When a good and healthy apple is close to rotten ones, do the rotten ones become good?

– Mack Tomlinson

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