Is Jesus Enough?

I’ll never forget when I was in a big, serious reformed conference in Detroit a while back, and we all went out to eat at some kind of Cheetos or Charlies or something; we’re sitting down and I had a Bible open, and we’re all talking, you know all these serious theologians, and all of a sudden our waiter shows up. Now he’s one of those guys, you know, his hair is kind of blonde, flipping out everywhere, he’s got like 600 bracelets on his arm, and he walks up and he goes “Dude!”.

“well, yes”

He goes “Dude! You got a Bible!”

I go “yes”

He goes “Man, I found Jesus last month!”

I said “Really”

HeE2s goes “Yeah, I found Jesus! And Jesus! Jesus, I found Jesus!”

And I said “Man, that’s something, that’s something.”

And I knew what everyone of those stinking reformed theologians were thinking. This is what they were thinking: “You are no more saved than a goose in a hail storm. He’s lost, he’s just another American, you know, result of American Christianity,”

I looked at them and I said “You know, it’s a lot better to have it and not know what to call it, than to know what to call it and not have it.”

– Paul Washer

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