The Best Kind of Preaching

What I have always deemed the best kind of preaching is neither highly doctrinal nor overly practical, but is distinguished by what I would call experimental–a constant blending of the doctrines and practice of the gospel, strongly with the affections and feelings. Many have been sadly deficient here. There sermons have had enough theology in them and even practical enough, but there was little in them to rend and melt the heart.

Thomas Brooks said, “He is not the best preacher who tickles the ear but who breaks the heart.”

– William Jay

I know a family who drive 3 hours round trip from home every Lord’s Day to be in a church that preaches the Word of God faithfully because they cannot find that in their own community. That is how important sound preaching is to them. If you cannot find sound preaching near you, are you willing to devote your entire Sunday to drive somewhere to hear the truth? If not, don’t complain that you don’t have true preaching available. Don’t complain that you don’t have a faithful preacher in your town if you are unwilling to be sacrificial somewhat to go hear the truth. Better to drive 3 hours round trip for sound preaching than sit home and hear a sermon online.

– Mack Tomlinson

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