He Remembers No More

“For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” – Jeremiah 31:34

When we know the Lord, we receive the forgiveness of sins. We know Him as the God of grace, passing by our transgressions. What a joyful discovery is this! But how divinely is this promise worded–the Lord promises no more to remember our sins! Can God forget? He says He will, and He means what He says. He will regard us as though we had never sinned. The great atonement so effectually removed all sin that it is, to the mind of God, no more in existence. The believer is now in Christ Jesus, as accepted as ADam in his innocence; yes, more so, for he wears a divine righteousness, and that of Adam was only human.

The great Lord will not remember our sins, so as to punish them or so as to love us one atom less because of them. As a debt when paid ceases to be a debt, even so does the Lord make a complete obliteration of the iniquity of His people.

When we are mourning over our transgressions and shortcomings, and this is our duty as long as we live, let us at the same time rejoice that they will never be mentioned against us. This makes us hate sin. God’s free pardon makes us anxious to never again grieve Him by disobedience.

– C. H. Spurgeon

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