A Future Jewish Temple in Jerusalem?

The destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, and God’s judgment on Israel in 70 AD, is all about Jesus! It’s about who he is and how he reigns as sovereign Lord. It’s about the truth of who he claimed to be, as over against the blasphemous lies and rejection of him by the religious leaders in Israel, together with the extent and duration of his dominion over all creation.

The temple is no longer, and never shall be again, the place of God’s dwelling. The temple is no longer, and never shall be again, the place where blood sacrifice is offered. The temple is no longer, and never shall be again, the place where forgiveness of sins is found. The temple is no longer, and never shall be again, the place where you go to hear God’s voice and to learn about who he is. All these things now are found in Jesus alone. He is the true temple of God. He is the person and place of sacrifice where forgiveness is found and God’s voice is heard, and God’s glory and presence are encountered.

So when the temple in Jerusalem was leveled and flattened in such a way that not one stone was left upon another, the people of that day saw that everything the temple symbolized and achieved is now found in King Jesus who rules over all the universe. There has been a regime change–the temple is dethroned and Jesus is enthroned.

My reason for repeating the phrase “and never shall be again” is to stress as emphatically as I can that God will never approve of nor sanction the rebuilding of the physical structure of a temple in Jerusalem, contrary to the argument of virtually all dispensationalists and Christian Zionists. Whether or not the Jewish people rebuild a temple in Jerusalem is irrelevant and unrelated to anything in biblical prophecy.

Not withstanding the presence on the temple site of the Dome of the Rock, a way may be found for a Jewish temple to be built in its place. But it will never be the location of God’s presence or glory or grace. Should it be built, it would stand as an affront to the incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension, and enthronement of the Son of God, the true and final temple of God.

– Sam Storms

If Jesus Christ fulfilled every type and shadow of the Old Testament system, as the New Testament and particularly the book of Hebrews affirms, then why would God plan and will a future physical temple in Jerusalem?

If Jesus is the final and full reality of that which was a temporal picture of him, now that the reality has come, why would God restore the shadow again?

If the gospel has brought believers into the fullness of God’s presence for all time, why would God restore something that symbolized his presence?

If another physical temple were to be built, it would dishonor the person of the Saviour and his finished work.

– Mack Tomlinson

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