Meeting Jesus in the Word

The reading of the Old Testament this morning was rich and wonderful. It’s not always that way. At times, it seems dry and it is as if I have gotten nothing after I’ve read, but that’s not the case; I’m not to judge carnally by my reasoning how much I profited from being in the Scriptures; just the fact that I was in them, reading them, continuing in them, letting the truth into my mind–this alone means that truth is entering my consciousness and affecting me; the ENTRANCE of His Word gives light always, even if we don’t perceive it enough.

But this morning was not a dry time because I have learned to plug away at reading the Word in season and out of season–when its rich and when I don’t seem to get much, and God is then faithful to quicken me again as I stay consistent; So always, unless there’s a major interference, such as early morning travel, or a rare early morning meeting with someone, I am always with my Bible alone, with some hot tea or coffee, in my chair, with my reading lamp shining brightly above my head down on the pages to help these weak eyes. I’m awake (or trying to be) and I am asking the Father and the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus to meet with me, to open my eyes, to speak to me, to give me a breakfast buffet of riches from the Word, to give me something for my soul, to feed me with food convenient for me, to change me with His truth and His presence.

So this morning, coffee at hand, with warm pajamas being useful on this icy morning, I sit, with Bible on a pillow, with pen in hand, and I pray and then read. My reading this morning brought me in the OT to both the Psalms and Hosea (I haven’t yet read the next 2 chapters of Leviticus, which is also for today). And here this morning, I come to Psalm 45.

Psalm 45 is all about the KIng, and even though His name isn’t used there, we know who it is. Psalm 45 speaks about the most pleasant of themes, about the One who is the most handsome of all human beings in all of history, who has had unlimited grace poured upon his lips for us, who has splendor and majesty and who is victorious. His throne is forever and He reigns forever. Vss. 1-9 tell me about Him and His kingdom and then vss. 10-16 tell me what I’m to do and what we as believers are to be and do.

Concerning Him, I am to hear, consider, incline my ear, forget my people and father’s house (reminds me of Jesus saying anyone must “hate” all their family if they will be following Him); in other words, Christ before any family member always; I am told in vs 11 that He is my Lord, so I have one response–bow to Him. And his bride (vs. 11-15) is led to the king with mutual joy and gladness between them.

The Psalm closes by reminding me that His name, only His name, will be remembered in all generations, and His praise will be to the ends of the earth among the nations forever and ever.

I like Psalm 45 today because it lets me see, know, love, and be reminded afresh of the awesomeness, majesty, beauty, and sovereignty of the King, Jesus Christ. Now I am heading to Leviticus to find Jesus because He is there also–Jesus on every page!

– Mack Tomlinson

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