The Doctrine of Adoption

The Christian is far more than a guest with God.
– Donald Grey Barnhouse

We can only begin an upright course of life when God, by his good pleasure, adopts us into His family.
– John Calvin

Adoption gives us the privilege of sons, and regeneration the nature of sons.
– Stephen Charnock

Understanding adoption should mean that our own sense of the great goodness and love of God is immeasurably enriched.
– Sinclair Ferguson

I am a pilgrim and a stranger on the earth, but I am not an orphan.
– Vance Havner

Adoption is the highest privilege that the gospel offers, higher even than justification.
– J. I. Packer

Adoption is a greater mercy than Adam had in paradise.
– Thomas Watson

God has made his children, through adoption. nearer to himself than the angels. The angels are the friends of Christ, but believers are his sons.
– Thomas Watson

Since God has a Son of his own, and such a Son, then how wonderful is God’s love in adopting us! We needed a Father, but he did not need sons.
– Thomas Watson

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