Our Actions are Important

An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promises.
– James Howell

No conduct of any man is neutral.
– John Hus

There are no non-religious actions, but only religious or irreligious ones.
– C. S. Lewis

Sympathy is no substitute for action.
– David Livingstone

The actions of men are the best interpreter of their thoughts.
– John Locke

What or whom we worship determines our behavior.
– John Murray

Make no distinction in your conduct between small things and great things.
– William Taylor

Affection without action is like Rachel–beautiful, but barren.
– John Trapp

Behaviour is a mirror in which everyone displays his own image.
– Johann von Goethe

Knowing is not enough; we must apply what we know; being willing is not enough, we must do.
– Johann von Goethe

The conduct of our lives is the only proof of the sincerity of our hearts.
– Robert Wilson

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