Voices of Wisdom

O, how greatly has the man advanced who has learned not to be his own, not to be governed by his own reason, but to surrender his mind to God.
– John Calvin

God doesn’t want our success; He wants us. He doesn’t demand our achievements, but our obedience.
– Charles Colson

A life abandoned to Christ cannot be cut short.
– Sherwood Day

I have this day been before God and have given myself–all that I have and all that I am–to God, so that I am in no respect my own. I have given myself clean away.
– Jonathan Edwards

Today be His only and not yourself’s; be for Him and not for yourself.
– Mack Tomlinson

My Savior, I am thine,
By everlasting bands;
My name, my heart , I would resign;
My soul is in thy hands.
– Philip Doddridge

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