On this Rock I Stand, Pt 2

I believe that Jesus is coming back personally to reign. It could be any day and the sooner the better! Paul Harvey said: “It is the Christian’s conviction that Christ will return and take over when mortals have made a hopeless mess of self-government.” If that is true, the stage is certainly set, for if ever mankind has ever been in one unholy mess, it is right now. When Jesus came the first time, neither the Roman, Greek or Jew would receive Him. When He comes again, no government or culture will hang out a “Welcome Home” sign. Even the professing church is so busy puttering around down here that she scarcely lifts her eyes heavenward to pray, “Even so, come Lord Jesus.” Wouldn’t you think that subject would be on all our lips, the topic of many a happy conversation? Try bringing up the matter and see the suspicious, hesitant and embarrassed look on most faces. The Lord’s return is the unwanted stepchild in the family of church doctrine.

I believe that the true church is the good society of all people who have been born twice. I am not talking about the ecclesiastical octopus, the world church, which is shaping up before our eyes. Only the true church will be officially recognized on that day. There is a true church whose statistics are in heaven, whose fellowship is in the Spirit, and whose foundation is Jesus Christ.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to every problem–past, present, and future. By Him all things consist; in Him we are complete. For all that He is, I take Him. For all my need, I trust Him. For every blessing, I thank Him. I believe that all who trust Him have eternal life and all others will live in conscious torment forever. Once a man objected to my preaching on hell, saying we need to hear about the meek and lowly Jesus. But my information about hell came from the meek and lowly Jesus! He took the last verse of Isaiah and then the garbage heap outside Jerusalem and gave us the most fearful picture of hell on record. I believe in hell because Jesus did.

– Vance Havner

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