On This Rock I Stand, Pt 1

I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe he was born of the virgin Mary. Otherwise, he would have been born out of wedlock and I am not interested in that kind of Saviour. Some say, “But only Luke records the virgin birth.” Well, how many times does God have to say it before we believe it? I believe the record that God gave his Son.

I believe that Christ died for my sins. He did not come merely to teach, to be an example, or to die as a martyr. He came to do something about our main problem, sin, which includes all other problems. You’d never know it is our main problem. Nobody in Congress is going to stand up and say the real trouble is sin. No one in the United Nations will say it. You won’t hear that in the universities, the scientific laboratories, or in the world’s capitals. They are all trying to sweep out the cobwebs, but no one says anything about the spider. That spider is sin, and Jesus Christ died to save us from our sins.

I believe that Christ rose bodily from the grave. I am not worshipping a ghost! The world knows he died. The church knows he arose. He could have appeared to Herod and Pilate. He could have put on a demonstration in Jerusalem, the greatest sensation of all time, but he revealed himself only to his disciples. I accept the face of the resurrection and I have entered into the experience of it in my identification with my Lord. I live in the power of it and am awaiting the final fulfillment of it–“Up from the grace he arose!”

– Vance Havner

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