Thankful for Friends

How much we ought to praise God for and express appreciation for real friendships. Appreciating what we have, in terms of genuine loving relationships, is so good and right. I treasure the friendships I have and desire to show myself more and more of a true friend to those God has put in my life. Friendship is a blessed gift of God which ought not to be taken for granted or neglected. He who would have friends must show himself friendly. He who feels no need of maintaining true friendships is lacking a right perspective. True relationships with friends, and time with them, bring to us a freshness, an encouragement, and a needed strength that we will not get from anywhere else. Friends are rich treasures–guard them, treasure them, love them, and show it to them.

J. C. Ryle said, “Good friends are among our greatest blessings. They may keep us back from much evil, quicken us in our course, speak a word in season, draw us upward, and draw us on. But a bad friend is a positive misfortune, a weight continually dragging us down and chaining us to earth. Spend time regularly with evil people, and it is more than probable that you will in the end become like them. That is the general consequence of all such friendships. The good go down to the bad, but the bad do not come up to the good.”

The real test is–what kind of friend do you show yourself to be? If God has given you true friends, then you are to be a good steward of those friendships. If you feel you have no true friends, then it starts with you to change that. You must be open to God giving you true friends and ask Him for this in your life. True friendship is also not about you getting from a relationship what you want, but God making you a blessing to those who are friends. Make it about you being a blessing to them and not about what you will get out of it. Today I treasure all my friends, and thank and praise God for each of them.

– Mack Tomlinson


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    Very helpful! Thanks!

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