Thankful for Mercy

Oh, you that have passed from death to life, you have reason indeed to be thankful! Remember what you once were by nature–dead. Think what you are now by grace–alive. Look at the dry bones thrown up from the graves. Such were you–and who has made you to differ? Go and fall low before the footstool of your God and bless Him for His grace, His free distinguishing grace. Say to Him often, “Who am I, Lord, that you have brought me to this time? Why me? Why have you been merciful toward me?”

Let us remember, as we look back over the past days of our lives until the hour of our conversion. Our Lord has done all things well. In the first bringing us out of darkness into marvelous light, in humbling us and teaching us our weakness, guilt and folly, in stripping us of our idols, and choosing all our portion in placing us where we are, and giving us what we have–how well everything has been done! How great the mercy that we have had on our way.

– J. C. Ryle

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