The “Modern” Prayer for Revival

Lord, we are in a terrible day. There is Ebola. There is Isis. There is the breakdown of the home. Our morals are gone. Patriotism is outlawed by political correctness. Prayer in Jesus’ name is banned from the public square. Bible reading is forbidden in schools. Devil worship and the occult are gaining in influence. Oh, Lord, send a revival.

But Lord, don’t send it during deer season or bass season. And not during the World Series or during the football playoffs or during the basketball playoffs. And not during Nascar season. And please don’t send revival during spring break or on a Friday night because that’s our date night.

Maybe it could be just a little revival, like a Sunday through Wednesday and maybe I could make it a night or two. And send us a good little preacher who will make us feel good about ourselves and the Lord. And if he could be funny, it would help. Maybe he could cheer up our pastor who seems depressed a lot.

Give us a revival that will fill the church with lots of people so we can be successful and raise money to build a bigger building for all the new people. And maybe you can help us be more relevant to the culture around us. After all, to win one, you got to be one! And teach us how to use our strobe lights and smoke to set a godly atmosphere. Lord, send us a revival, but not much of one.

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

The ancient prayer was “Will thou not revive us again, that thy people might rejoice in thee?” But the modern prayer is, “Will you not send a revival, that I might rejoice in me.”

– Mike Morrow

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