Death is a Great Fact

I appreciate your prayers today, as I have a difficult funeral to do today at 2:30 in Dallas for a family, whom we have been friends with for years; please pray for me, that I would be helped by the Lord to both comfort them and give truth to them that would not be compromised. – thanks very much
– Mack T.

Death is a great fact that all acknowledge, but very few seem to realize. Most people eat, drink, talk and plan, as if they were going to live upon earth forever. The true Christian must be on his guard against this spirit. “He that would live well,” said a great divine, “should often think of his last day, and make it his company-keeper.” In the state of poverty, be against murmuring, discontent, envy. In the possession of wealth, be against pride, self-sufficiency, arrogance. There are few better antidotes than the remembrance of death. “The beggar died,” and his bodily wants were at an end. “The rich man died,” and his feasting was stopped for evermore.

– J. C. Ryle

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