Have You Read Hebrews Lately?

If you haven’t read through the Epistle to the Hebrews this year, perhaps it’s time again. When one sees its vastness, its uniqueness, its application concerning the finality of the gospel, and its unfolding arguments, the implications are staggering and glorious.

What is summarized in this Mount Everest of truth? One anonymous author states it so wonderfully–

“Let us review the whole epistle and ask ourselves– After we have read it or heard it preached, do we understand it better? Do we feel more strongly the sanctifying and consoling influence of the doctrines which it unfolds? Can we say with greater conviction than previously that we need a High Priest, that we have a High Priest, that we are well pleased with our High Priest, that we have acknowledged Jesus as our High Priest and will hold fast to that acknowledgment, that He died for us and we will live for Him? And if He calls us, we will die for Him, that we will trace His steps on the earth, and we will wait His coming in the clouds.”

– Mack Tomlinson

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