Fighting Sin from a Position of Strength

The Spirit of Christ focuses us upon Christ when teaching us how to mortify (put to death) sin. Mortification begins when we condemn our sins as transgressions of the law of God. We confess these sins to be forgiven by God and cleansed by the blood of Christ. Then we forsake sin for Christ’s sake. Paul tells us to fight against sin from a position of strength (Romans 6, Ephesians 6).

Know what you are in Christ. In Him we have died to sin; in Him we have been raised to newness of life. In Christ we have been set free from sin’s dominion and continue to die to sin, so that, as John Owen emphasizes, we experience the death of sin in the death of Christ.

Sin may assail, but it cannot master us, as long as we stand firm in Christ, calling upon His name. In Christ we are assured of God’s help in striving against sin. Though we may fall and lose various skirmishes against sin, because of our union and communion with Christ, we have the promise of ultimate victory and final deliverance, which, more than anything else, gives us hope and sustenance in the daily fight against sin. The only sin fatal to our cause is unbelief. That alone can rob us of God’s grace and shut us out of His kingdom.

– Joel Beeke

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