Dear brethren,Our ministry trip to Alaska, scheduled for Oct 14-28, will be approaching fast; I would ask you to pray for the preparation for this and for all the provision that will be needed.

As far as I know right now, I will be doing three aspects of ministry during this time:

1) Speaking for 3-4 days to the students at the Seminary/Bible college in Bethel
2) Speaking at an annual pastor’s and minister’s conference for western Alaska
3) Preaching out among the Eskimo villages in various churches

We thank you for remembering us; we will send another report in the coming weeks as a reminder.

We also would ask you to pray for 2 brothers who are on trips this week for a number of days- Paul Washer on a 12 day preaching trip to Peru- Saeed heading to eastern Europe and Britain for 1 month among Persian churches.

Yours with warm gratitude,
Mack Tomlinson

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