New longer update from the Philippines

First update received Sunday morning from Dan Sem

We are in Cebu now, God provided a way for us to get on a private barge and squeeze in between some trucks and fuel tanks, slept in the cargo hold but we made it here in time for church, PTL. It was good to visit with the reformed church here, they seem to be a light in the city and have been very warm and hospitable, already providing us with much help. We got in contact with Corenlita Mari, Regans friend, she is an older woman whose husband is a pastor it seems, we met her and her kids at the food mart and bought up all the big sacks of rice they had left, plus hundreds of cans of sardines, candles, bars of soap, and other things for the north. Matt, myself and our translator are traveling north with the supplies tomorrow to help her with a relief drop in Bataai island. We leave from here at 4am. The rest of the team will stay back here and rest and get the bulk of the relief supplies we are wanting to transport back to the disaster area. There’s also a little reformed church up in the north we hope to bring some buildings tools to assist them with rebuilding their church. Pray we could find nails, we couldnt find any decent quantities tonight. Pray too God might save our driver, and the people back in Basey we were sharing with and are hoping to see again this next week. Pray for our team, Sam is still sick, the others are doing pretty well though, hearing the sermons and spending time with the church today seemed to be refreshing and helpful for the team.

Second update on Monday

Thanks for praying for us, we are back in operation after a short rest. Please ask the church to pray that God saves souls, saves our driver too, and encourages the churches here. We need prayer also, that we can get the water filters in time, get our resupply filled today, and get a ferry slot back to Leyte tomorrow. Sam Pitrone was sick, but is feeling better.

This morning the Lord seems to have worked out most of the issues from last night that I shared. Thank everyone for paying for us– it is evident. We found a truck it seems, and the ferry tonight seems to be locked in. They also can ship the filters to a port in Samar only 4hrs from our base camp in Basey, which means the whole team can leave together tonight. We got most of the tools we need, 3000 pounds of nails, 400 hammers, saws, tape measures and other items, but still need chain saws, machetes and levels. Wish there was a Lowes out here! Maybe Mark [Summers from Corpus Christi] can come here for round two and rebuild houses with these guys– that is becoming the pressing need. We are also going to get hundreds of Bibles and NTs today too.

– Dan

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