Philippines Update from Dan Sem with the Team

We are doing good. The devastation is staggering. Helped hospital set water for them. They were very thankful. Went to remote village for water and medical visit. They said we were the first foreigners ever to visit there. Doing recon tomorrow and also going to a badly hit area by bridge. Pray for opportunity to share the Gospel. Got to preach to that village today — very humbling.

Next day

Please pray for the village from yesterday- I got to preach gospel to a large crowd that was very attentive. Npa rebels held the village and was told that no foreigners there ever before. We did basic med clinic for about 100 people and 2 clean well setups very appreciative. no church there. pray that God would save souls. Group going to poor area today for more water msn and evangelism. I am on a long range recon to Hanani.

– Dan Sem

[Keep on praying for them! – thanks – Mack T.]

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