Philippines Update from Dan Sem

I just wanted to send a quick update while I still had limited access to wifi
here. Thank you all so much for the continual prayer for our team out here, we
can tell there are many back home praying for us and this endeavor for the Lord.
Many of the obstacles I had been concerned could hinder the time out here seem
to have been resolved by the Lord. We have had a wonderful reception by the
British reformed baptist missionary Brian Ellis here, he and his church have
been very hospitable and even taken much time out to include us in their
internal planning for relief efforts the local believers in their church have
already been planning, and gave us invaluable insights to the current state of
things in Eastern Samar and Leyte island, the places hardest hit by the storm.

They have also brought us under as guests of their non profit organization, and
even issued us ID cards and a mission order to ensure we have no issues with the
government in entering the affected areas to perform the aid mission and
outreach. I have been very encouraged to see the already robust response their
compassion ministry here is having toward those affected the most by the
typhoon. They were very interested in the water purification idea too, and want
us to train some of them and leave any extra filters behind so they can utilize
it for future typhoon responses in the region. We were also able to acquire some
Tagalog Bibles from them, which should be helpful in sharing on the islands. We
have been busy the last couple days planning and coordinating things with them,
as well as acquiring supplies and a vehicle. Getting a large transport van and a
driver on such short notice was an answer to prayer, but we have a vehicle
dedicated for the 17 days we will be going into the typhoon area. Right now it
is looking like we will be spending the first week in some cities near Tacloban
and Guuian which were leveled by the storm, then meet up with a relief drop
truck in the central part of the island and go set up water points in a ew other
villages before going to Cebu. We hope to resupply and possibly get 100 more
filters air freighted from Australia to Cebu, and take a day to go to
Danbantayan on the north part of Cebu, which was also hit hard by the storm.
Regan, a woman from the Kirksville church, has a friend in this area that we are
in contact with who has requested help to bring aid to that area. After that, we
will go back to Leyte island for a few days, then travel back north to arrive in
Manila in time for our flights home.

The Lord has brought together quite a good team out here too, which I am
thankful for. Ive never met Sam Pitrone until this trip, but I very much
appreciate this brother. We had some opportunities to evangelize at the big
shopping mall here today and it was good to see Sam warmly engaging the English
speakers here, he seems a gifted evangelist.

Thank you for your prayers and support brethren, i will try to send further
updates from here on out via sat phone or other means. Thanks for holding the
ropes, please do pass this email on to others interested in the mission to the
Philippines as my e-mail address book is limited on this tablet here.


In Christ,


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