Bonar’s Heart Thoughts, Part 5

Today have had a great longing and yearning of heart for the time when the Lord shall draw all the earth to Himself.

Lord, open the windows of heaven. My soul had been going out to the Lord Himself lately more than before, and I have been led to pray from time to time for the Holy Spirit in a way I have not often done. Is He coming among us in power?

Have felt a yearning after more inward communion with God my Saviour for some days.

Today is the anniversary of that memorable evening on which the Lord took away the desire of my eyes [his wife] with a stroke seven years ago. Got time to pray much today. My heart yearns for the salvation of my children. Going over the scenes of this time seven years ago, many solemn thoughts arise. Oh, what might I have learned? My ambition now is very feeble compared to other days. To wins souls and to know God more and for others to be in the kingdom is all my desire.

I was led to notice that 2 Peter 1:3 says ‘divine power’ has been given to us, in reference to ‘all things that pertain to life and godliness’. This is the indwelling of the Spirit. Oh, arm of the Lord, awake in me! And also in Colossians 1:29–Is there such power, such great supernatural power and activity slumbering in me? Oh, would that it were put forth upon me!

I find my Lord and Saviour more and more satisfying to my soul. He is all my salvation and all my desire. I am like a man standing upon the shore of the ocean and seeing that it has immeasurable breadth and depth, so that I cannot search it out.

I plead for the revival of God’s work. He will assuredly work for the man that waits on Him, and who can tell what will be the measure of that working now and hereafter?

– Andrew Bonar, 1871

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