Stirrings of the Holy Spirit in 1840

We have been wonderfully visited in the upper parts of Perthshire during the past six weeks. During that time, I have been in fourteen different towns and counties in Scotland, and in almost all of them, there has been decided tokens of the presence and power of the Holy Ghost. Indeed, these weeks have been as remarkable as any that I have ever spent since I began to preach the gospel.

There are good signs in some places here now. A few days ago, there were unequivocal marks of the Lord’s power. The converts at Perth seem numerous and lively, and the public mind seems to be preparing for another great movement [of the Spirit].

– William Burns

Would it not be greatly for Immanuel’s honor to come and reveal Himself in such a way that no man could take any of the praise? Oh, to be humble, believing, and expecting! Pray that the Lord would make it sink deep into the hearts of His children. I am persuaded that much of the blessing from on high is connected with it.

I am like a dry reed, scarcely fit for anything. Yet God will get more glory if He will blow HIs sweet Spirit through me.

– Robert Murray M’Cheyne

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