A Family is Saved

In the midst of God’s powerful moving in 1840, one family from Perth, Scotland was particularly blessed. Several daughters were converted, along with their mother, though she had been a long-time professing Christian. Yet one son remained unchanged who moved away from Perth. The family minister, John Milne, gave him a note of introduction to a minister in his new location. The young man saw his own name through the paper and read these words–“Others of the family have gotten the blessing, but he is left.”

These words moved his heart and he returned to Perth, seeking the Lord, and has now long been a child of God. But the father of the family was long opposed to the gospel in their family and to Pastor Milne, but before his death, he too was changed by God’s grace. After Milne returned from mission work in India, the father sent for Milne and welcomed him with joy. A household salvation indeed!

May God move in such ways in families in our day as well. Pray for your family members who yet are outside His grace.

– Horatius Bonar

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