Bonar’s Heart Thoughts, Pt 4

I have been much impressed about the sin of choosing my text without special direction from the Lord. This is like running without being sent, no message being given me. I see that I should get my texts for preaching directly from the Lord and never preach without having received something that shows me His counsel in this matter.

I have been seeking for the Holy Spirit to be again to me this night a well springing up. I used Psalm 90, always putting in the word “me”, and thus finding myself more than usual near to God.

What is real prayer but a letter to the Lord Jesus, reminding Him of His words and of our needs?

I really long simply for holiness and greater future usefulness. Nothing satisfies the soul but the Lord Himself.

Many desires after greater insight into Christ. Oh, to have the taste of this wine ever in my mouth!

Drawn out greatly in prayer; I wish much to yearn toward God, as God yearns towards us.

I feel exceedingly how little I really converse with God. My praying is like a calling to someone who is distant, and not unbosoming myself to one who is beside me.

Have had no sweet delight in prayer. It was an effort to catch something from His Word that might cause refreshment. But today greatly revived. Much freedom in prayer, covering myself with Christ’s righteousness over and over, and am fully accepted therein. Some delightful moments.

Saw today the blessed effects of preaching Christ distinctly, fully, fervently, and that it is praying much that makes preaching to be felt.

– Andrew Bonar

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