Bonar’s Heart Thoughts, Pt 2

More and more led into the feeling of the need of divine fellowship. Our strength lies there. Also, more holy solemn work, and the daily taking up of the cross.

I felt the need of power attending the Word, so that when I go to preach anywhere, I am sent to preach, not by my sermon only, not by the service, but by my frame of mind and my very countenance.

I feel sometimes an awful persuasion that there are few ministers anywhere who preach Christ fully and truly. Few of us like to be told our faults, few of us correct them when we are told, few of us pray over discovered sins, few of us have grieved at the lack of success in other preachers, and few of us pray for one another and for the Holy Ghost coming down upon us as preachers every time we go forth to preach.

It is exceedingly difficult for the most faithful to preach Christ aright, to show the freeness of salvation without any conditions, and to do this in the way that lays the guilt upon the sinner, and to do it in a way that glorifies every attribute of God at the same time, not casting into the shade one feature of His plan of redemption.

I am often now startled at the thought of a near eternity. It is like a man looking over the brink of a cliff–though quite safe, yet he cannot gaze unmoved. We will soon forever be with the Lord.

Close walking with God—daily, if not hourly, tasting of the sweetness of Christ—self-denial in setting aside temptation—all these must now be sought by me. O God of grace, return to me! O, to win Christ! O, to be as Enoch until I die!

Have had some times of prayer for more of the Holy Spirit.

— Andrew Bonar

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