Colorado Ministry

Linda and I just returned from the Rocky Mountains, just west of Denver, Co; had 5 days alone in a friend’s cabin 9000 feet altitude, looking out at the snow- covered Continental Divide that runs down the Rockies; I was working on a book on the life of Conrad Murrell for the 5 days, and Linda walked and visited shops in the local mountain village; we had lunch twice down in the village, and I worked on the manuscript, while she walked around more; everyone we talked to were extremely liberal new-age people, which most of the Colo people in the mountains are; had several providential visits, and we (mostly Linda) planted seeds of the gospel, along with some good tracts and booklets on the gospel. Such need everywhere–the land is in darkness and the people in gross darkness; Americans have thousands of villages and small towns that greatly need home missions done across our land;

We then headed to Denver on Saturday, 30 miles east, where I preached 3 times on Sunday at Cornerstone Chapel, bringing a series on Revival–Theological, Historical, and Personal. There was much interest, appreciation, and real prayer that followed. I had spoken in the Wed. prayer meeting also earlier in the week on the phrase from Luke 11:13–“How much more shall your Heavenly Father give . . . ?” and how we ought to be asking for the “much more” in prayer regularly. “Fear not, little flock,” says our Lord, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

It was a blessed time, seeing afresh the glory of the Creator in the creation, yet having sad hearts about those we met there in the mountains, who, seeing the glorious creation all the time, worship a serve the creature rather than the Creator. Such exposure to His glory in the creation and one turns the truth of God into a lie–what judgment men will have who have done that. May God help us to make a Saviour known to them.

Oh, how sweet to walk
In this pilgrim way;
Leaning on the everlasting arms!

Mack T

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