The Sanctifying Wisdom of Vance Havner

One could spend a lifetime in the study of false cults and never come to the end of it. Rather let him come to know his Bible and his Lord so well that no false Christ can lead him astray.

The church is a nursery for babes in Christ, but not a hatchery with the idea of taking in bad eggs, in the hope that they hatch out into real Christians later. As it is, I could have led many people to Christ — if only they hadn’t joined a church first.

If things are quiet and undisturbed in your church, that is not necessarily a good sign. Things are usually pretty quiet around the sick and the dead, especially in cemeteries.

Nothing is ever settled until it is settled right; and nothing is ever settled right until it is settled with God.

You have to say “yes” to God first before you can effectively say “no” to the devil.

Sin has gotten man into more trouble than science can get him out of.

Head knowledge is useful, but unless it is sanctified by the Holy Spirit, it can be the most dangerous thing in the world.

The storehouse of God’s Word was never meant primarily for mere scrutiny or study, but for sustenance.

– Vance Havner

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