The Wisdom of B. B. Caldwell

One of the greatest blessings that God can give an individual is to put him under the ministry of a true man of God. And the biggest curse that God could put upon an individual is to leave him under the ministry of a false prophet.

The greatest thing in the world is salvation in Christ the Lord.

We think about the death of the righteous. Death can do them no harm, for in Christ they are assured a safe passage to another and better world. They shall have a joyful entrance there!

The only thing God owes any sinner is hell, and He can pay you off at any moment!

God will never lift the white flag of peace in any man’s soul until all rebellion is conquered.

The greatest peril of all ages is to look back from following the Lord (Luke 9:62). Lot’s wife looked back, Demas looked back, and those in Heb. 6 looked back.

– B. B. Caldwell

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