Rutherford’s Riches- Pt 1

The great Master Gardener, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in a wonderful providence, with his own hand, planted me here in this part of his vineyard; here I grow and here I will abide till the great Master of the vineyard thinks it fit to transplant me.

If your Lord calls you to suffering, be not dismayed; there shall be a new allowance of the King for you when you come to it. One of the softest pillows Christ has is laid under his witnesses’ head, though often they must set down their bare feet among thorns.

God has called you to Christ’s side and the wind is now in Christ’s face in this land [Scotland]; and seeing you are with him, you cannot expect always the sunny side.

Needs are my best riches, for I have these supplied by Christ. I think the sense of our needs, when we have a restlessness and a sort of spiritual impatience under them, because we need him whom our soul loves, is that which makes an open door for Christ; and when we think we are going backward, because we feel deadness, we are actually going forward; for the more sense of need we have, the more life there actually is, and when there is no sense of need, it argues that there is no life.

There is no sweeter fellowship with Christ than to bring our wounds and our sores to him.

– Samuel Rutherford

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