True Humility, Pt 2

A sure test whether holiness is genuine or false is whether it exalts or humbles. It is never the work of the Holy Spirit to magnify men. Holiness does not lead anyone to promote self and to talk about self. Archibald Alexander wrote about evangelical holiness in a woman in his congregation in Virginia, where he served for six years–

“She was a woman who seemed always to walk on the verge of heaven. I never heard her speak of any one particular aspect of her character or of her own graces. I have come out of the pulpit when the congregation has gone, and have found her upon her knees in her pew, absolutely unconscious of all external objects, so far was she absorbed in worship. When I roused her from her trance, she cried instantly, ‘Is He not holy? Is He not glorious? Is He not beautiful? Is He not infinite?’ She did not speak of her own love or of her feelings.” 

– Iain Murray

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