Choosing Humility

The Lord Jesus kept Himself free of pride. In the wilderness temptation, the devil called Him, “Son of God.” But the Lord chose the humble position and in response called Himself, “Man”–“Man shall not live by bread alone . . . .”. Yes, in the incarnation, Christ went low–lower than if angels had become bats or kings became worms–and “therefore God highly exalted Him above.all.”

Let us follow Jesus’ example. God is looking for the humble and contrite.

Someone wanted to interview Rees Howells, a man noted for answered prayers. Howells declined the interview, saying, “I don’t want to lose my power.” There are plenty of opportunities for the pastor (for any Christian) to humble himself. That is where he will find true power, authority, and the presence of God, for God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

— Bob Jennings

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