The Enemy That Yet Lurks Within- Pt. 2

Pride is such a choking weed that nothing will prosper near it.- Joseph Alleine

There is no room for God in the person who is full of himself. – Anonymous

Proud man would perish unless a lowly Redeemer found him. – Augustine

A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves. – Henry Ward Beecher

The most effective poison to lead men to ruin is to boast in themselves, in their own wisdom and power. – John Calvin

Pride and grace never dwell in one place. – Thomas Fuller

A proud heart and a lofty mountain are always barren. – William Gurnall

When pride begins, loves ceases. – Johann Lavater

Pride is the cause of all other sins. – Thomas Manton

God has nothing to say to the self-righteous. – D. L. Moody

Pride will make hell insufferable. – William Plumer

God can do little with those who love their lives or reputations. – C. T. Studd

Pride stops the current of gratitude. – Thomas Watson

The greatest hindrance to revival is pride among the Lord’s people.- Arthur S. Wood

Pride is there the moment we wake up and the moment we lay down to sleep; we must deny it and kill it all day long, by humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God.

– Mack T

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