Fully Dressed and in a Right Mind

Fully Dressed and in a Right Mind

I, for one, will be glad when the first freeze comes – not just to eliminate the bugs and the pollen, but to see the public put their clothes back on. Admittedly, if I weren’t a Christian it wouldn’t bother me, I’d go ahead and feed my eyes like others; but now I want to side off with God and condemn this personified pornography in a day when jogging shorts reveal more than pajamas, nakedness is justified as art, products are promoted by sex appeal, and swimming pools and beaches have become even more bold as altars of body worship. Why do people dress scantily in public?

First, it is a matter of REBELLION AND LAWLESSNESS – “I’m free”. It is an attempt to deny the fallen condition of man. Originally, man was naked and unashamed, but now sin has entered and the normal thing is to feel shame at nakedness.

Second, PRIDE is involved– “Look at me.” It is a desire to wield the power of beauty.

Third, I mention LUST, that is, a spirit of fornication and adultery. I know that most might maintain their innocence on this, but to dress so as to stir up unclean thoughts in others is to assist in immorality. It is no accident that the prostitute dresses the way she does – she is trying to say something. And so we see cut off tee-shirts, partially unbuttoned shirts, and form-fitting clothes – it all speaks volumes. Rape has increased 700% in the last 50 years. Can we put all the blame on the men? The devil is a tempter and he does not need help doing his work.

Last, behind the scene, UNCLEAN SPIRITS are at work pouring gas on the fires of our lusts. Nakedness is inspired by demonic activity (Lk. 8:27).

No, I’m not advocating that we wear uniforms or return to the 1800’s, but I am pointing out that modesty is a Biblical absolute (I Tim. 2:9). The Bible does say that the immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God. And we are in a day when 80% admit to fornication, 50% of the marriages fail, and 25% of the babies are born out of wedlock. Society is collapsing and only a return to God and His standards will stop the corruption. Let’s keep our bodies for our spouse. Let’s forget the short-lived tan.

The Lord Jesus died for sinners to break the penalty of sin and lives in believers to break the power of sin. God is looking for the inward beauty of humility and holiness (Prov. 31:30) – the product of a new heart created by Christ.

– Bob Jennings

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