Thinking as God Thinks

Am I bound to think of sin as God thinks? Most certainly. Have I no liberty of thinking otherwise? None. You may do so if you choose to, but the consequences are fearful, for error is sin. We are not bound to think as man thinks. In this respect, we have entire liberty; not tradition, but free thought may be our formula here.

But we are bound to think as God thinks, not in one thing only, but in everthing. Woe be to him that presumes to differ from God or reckons it a light matter to be of one mind with Him, or tries to prove that the Bible is inaccurate, unintelligible or only half-inspired, in order to release himself from the responsibility of receiving the whole truth of God and afford himself license to believe or not believe at his pleasure, freed from the limitations of a fixed revelation. We have no option but to be bound to think as God thinks about everything.

– Horatius Bonar

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