The Blessedness of Church Fellowship

Last night the men in our church finished our study together of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Not sure exactly what date we began, but it was around the last couple of months of 2007. We met every other Sunday evening for 2 hours to discuss one chapter, with much discussion, sweetness, and rich fellowship. We then closed the time in prayer, relative to what we had studied. It took four years to finish, but what a rich four years it has been. The goal was reached, the hours shared, the benefit is enduring, and the times and memories will be greatly treasured.

The blessedness of meeting together as a church and as a band of brothers who are joined together in heart and mind, to read, share, discuss, exhort, laugh, read more, and ask many questions–this was fellowship indeed in the bond of the Lord Jesus and His truth. There is no fellowship like it in the earth–to be with true brothers in your own church, and to walk together week in and week out, pursuing the truth of Christ together and endeavoring to applying it to our lives.

To have one another to walk with is one of the most precious gifts in the earth that a Christian can possess. It is one thing to fellowship with believers you rarely get to see. That is very special and a blessing for which we should be very thankful. But to have close and intimate fellowship with an entire body of brothers that you worship and pray with every week is a blessedness that is almost inexpressible.

I praise God for the brothers in our church–their love for Christ, their longing for the truth, their love of the brethren, and their pursuit of the kingdom. It is indeed a fellowship of kindred minds, alike to that which is above in heaven.

It was very fitting that the last chapter in the book was on the new heavens and the new earth, and the great reality that we will then see His face and eternally worship and enjoy our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, forever and forever, with no hindrances or limits. As we read and shared, we were ready to shout with real joy and assurance.

I feel I would be much further behind in my growth than I am now if it weren’t for my church. There is nowhere I would rather worship that with them. The weekly prayer meeting with them is very special and I always leave the time encouraged and strengthened, just by being with the brethren.

Oh, the sweetness of loving the body of Christ and walking together as a true family. No wonder a saint from the past wrote:

Blest be the tie that binds,
Our hearts in Christian love;
The fellowship of kindred minds,
Is like to that above.

Now we will be deciding what we will study next. What will it be? Whatever it is, it won’t matter nearly as much as the fact that we are together and pursuing Christ. Pressing on–with the brethren.

– Mack T.

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